Motorized Blackout Shade Miami Specialists

If you live in a condo in Miami, most likely Brown Design has installed blackout roller shades in your building!  Our installers have been very busy putting in motorized blackout shades to keep the residents of Miami and Miami Beach safe from that annoying morning sun!  We use Somfy motors to insure the best quality operation and durability for our solar shades too.  Pairing blackout shades with  polyester or linen sheers, proffessionaly sewn by our seamstresses, can add a great design element to any room in your Miami home.  Check out our impressive list of commercial clients and our beautiful portfolio!  Our experienced team can tackle the most difficult of window treatment issues.2010-06-15 14.33.53_Miami Beach_Florida_US

Blackout Shades Miami

Not surprisingly, one of the most requested products that we sell here at Brown Design is blackout roller shades. The morning sun in Miami can be brutal, especially if you live on the beach! We offer several different fabrics to use with our shades, as well as side channels and fascia covers which go the extra mile blocking out light on the sides and top of our shades(see picture of our great way of dealing with blacking out corners!). Not only do they block light, but blackout roller shades also act as a great insulator against heat, saving you money on your electrical bill every month. It makes a nice afternoon nap even that more relaxing when you can just lay down in the bed, hit the remote control, and have our super quiet Somfy motors put the shades down for you!!! So call us in Miami or send us a request via the website link if you would like to set up a free estimate for blackout roller shades!