Ripplefold Curtains Coconut Grove

This job in Coconut Grove came out just plain amazing!  The client picked a very unique and stylish  fabric from one of our Carole Fabrics books(we have their entire collection!).  It’s a thick linen fabric with an embroidered pattern, which provides just enough privacy for what our customer was looking for.  In addition, it still allows a nice glow of light to filter in from the bay during daylight hours.  Sewing the fabric into ripplefold curtains added the contemporary element to finish of the entire living room!  The ripplefold style forms a wavy, or “ripple” flow of fabric at the top as opposed to the traditional style of pinch pleated curtains.  We usually install the track on the ceiling where it blends in and gives the effect that the curtains are free floating!  These type of curtains have become very popular with our Miami clients, especially in condos and loft style units where a modern look is needed.  At Brown Design, we can make any type of curtain imaginable and from any fabric you choose!  We offer 100% guaranteed installation all throughout Miami and the South Florida area.