Custom Banded Curtains

If you can’t find that perfect fabric for your curtains, why not design your own?!  Our seamstresses can combine several fabrics to make banding of any size so you can achieve the exact look you want.  Our standard two-tone look usually constitutes a light neutral tone fabric for the top two-thirds of the curtain, while using a nice popping color for the lower one-third.  another alternative is vertical banding on the leading edges of the curtains(for a pair that would mean where the two panels meet-from top to bottom.  We like to use a 4 or 5 inch banding for this style.  We have been recently fabricating and installing a lot of banded curtains in Miami lately and the finished product has been fabulous!  This picture shows a gorgeous triple-toned curtain designed by Mary Azar over at Fine Line Furniture in Coral Gables.  Check out their website here:

Miami triple-toned curtain

combining 3 fabrics to create an elegant look